We would like to invite you all to the Inspiration 2019 conference, which is taking place on May 15th in the premises of the Hyatt Regency Kyoto hotel. This forum with a long tradition presents a great opportunity for finding inspiration for ways of raising the competitive strength and efficiency of a company.

We‘re inviting representatives of metallurgical companies to hear about the successful improvement of customer service and operational efficiency and to learn about the new, truly revolutionary technology, that allowed for this success.

This session is also a great opportunity for everyone who would like to discuss or ask questions concerning the challenges of planning and management of metallurgic production.

Customer Delivery Performance

  • Improved Due Date Delivery Performance
  • Reduced Delivery Lead Times
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Information Service

Operational Efficiency

  • Increased Throughput
  • Increased Inventory Turns
  • Improved Prime Yield
  • Economical Effects Improvement

This special event brings a new perspective on the value an advanced planning system can bring to a metallurgical producer. Rapidly rising global needs for accurate delivery performance and operational excellence push many executives to solve difficult daily routines. Anyone who does not want to be just a follower in the latest trends and has a realistic vision of the future, could agree that challenges are supported by modern tools for making decisions.

These days there is practically no really important company in the steel industry which does not have a project for developing management efficiency in their portfolio of strategic development programs. The best ones have realized that raising the delivery performance and operational excellence is first and foremost a matter of raising management efficiency, and that management efficiency is to a great extent determined by the quality of planning. These companies have designed and implemented such procedures which apply leading edge planning technologies. The plans acquired in this way are a durable, efficient and flexible management tool.

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We have invited representatives of various steel companies from Japan and the United States to share their insights from implementing and operating with Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems (APS). These companies sent out the managers responsible for the course of prodution planning projects, as well as the experts involved in the implementation and operation of the planning systems. It is our belief that the resulting mix of insights - from expectations of the project and the vendor requirements, through detailed implementation insights, as well as a commentary on the achieved results and plans to continuously tune the planning system - is highly valuable for any company interested in raising its competitiveness.

During the agenda, we will also address the technologies which allowed the presenting companies to successfully improve their competitiveness despite the demanding planning environments in which they operate. LOGIS has developed a set of revolutionary new technologies, specifically designed for deployment in demanding planning environments, which dramatically shift the limits of the value that a planning system can bring to steel producers.

Besides hearing the contributions of our guests and experts, the forum will include the possibility to join a discussion focused on solving specific problems of metallurgy, and getting familiar with the instruments of advanced planning and scheduling for metallurgic companies.

We would like to invite you to come and get to know the story of these projects. We believe that through this experience you will find a new inspiration to excel.

Registration free of charge